Steering Wheel 4 Spoke Straight Gold

4 Straight Spoke Gold & Wood Grain Steering Wheel

4 Straight Spoke Gold & Wood Grain Steering Wheel (Note - currently on backorder, delivery expected Jan 21)

18 in diameter

4 GOLD spokes

Designed for comfort

Manufactured using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship

Wood is hand polished, laminated and topped with a UV protection

As a Steering Wheel is the main focus on your Trucks Interior, our Steering Wheels add a touch of beauty with comfort and safety in mind too.

**Does not include Hub (Boss Kit)**

PLEASE NOTE: Steering Wheel cannot be fitted with factory hub (boss kit). Please follow the link below to select the hub To Suit your truck.


Installation Medium difficulty. Will need a steering wheel puller.

Dimensions: 45 cm (18") diameter x height 6cm (not including Hub/Boss Kit)


Part no: TS-SW4SSG
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