Brace Air Cleaner Pipe Left Outside To Suit Western Star

Stainless Steel Brace Left Hand Side Outside To Suit Western Star Air Cleaner Pipes

Stainless Steel Brace Left Hand Side Outside for Air Cleaner Pipes  

To Suit Western Star 4800 and 4900 Model Series

Also Available:

Left and Right Hand Side Inside Braces and Right Hand Side Outside Brace

Inside Left SKU CS-224043429S

Outside Right SKU CS-224043428S, Inside Right SKU CS-224043430S

Air Intake Clamp SKU CS22093428

Air Intake Pipes SKU CS90317

6 Inch Air Rams SKU 50506A

6 Inch Low Profile Air Rams SKU 50506M


Part no: TS-CS-224043427S
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